Thursday, January 2, 2014

Is There An Anti-Vaccination Movement?

For my money, the answer is no and yes.

No, in the sense that there's not a central organization, issuing diktats and marching orders, and determining if this person or that person is worthy of membership in the movement.

Yes, in the sociological sense, as outlined by Professor Timothy Gongaware:

As we saw in the post, What Are "Anti-Vaccine"Hallmarks, people who are anti-vaccine share some beliefs and habits of thought.

As we go forward, we might also begin to see some patterns of relationships between individuals and organizations -- overlapping memberships, attendance at each other's meetings and conventions, support for various enterprises and activism opportunities, and so on.

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  1. What interest do you have in tracking down your fellow citizens for their feelings about vaccinations? Who are you and what is your interest in the medical model? Do you realize that what you are doing on there could be considered a form of harassment by the people who you are tracking? I can tell you proudly who I am. A young woman who has undergone significant abuse from the mainstream medical model and who now has a terminal disease that could have been avoided. I take the issues very seriously. I also believe proudly that people have CHOICES about whether or not to take any kind of treatment, including vaccines and they have RIGHTS to freedom of information about any bad effects from treatments and that include vaccines and also OF COURSE allophathic forms of medicine, all medications, etc. Why one earth should we simply be skeptics of the alt doctors and not of the mainstream? How sadly biased. Even though there are people preying off the sick in alt medicine, how can we just sit back and say that the mainstream corporate model is not doing the same at a much larger scale? Talk about pulling the mite out of someone's eye and not taking the log out of your own.