Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lowell Kevin Hubbs

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Lowell Hubbs is a resident of South Dakota who has made it his life's mission to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

Mr. Hubbs has been a frequent commenter on blog posts and mainstream media posts about autism, or about vaccination issues, for the last decade.

His comments consist almost entirely of fact-free rants, conspiracy theories, and insults to others.

Evidently, Mr. Hubbs has a high school diploma and no further education in science or medicine (source).

In 2011, Mr. Hubbs falsely claimed that his site, lowellsfacts.com had been taken down by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Here is an analysis of the facts of the matter at Ars Technica, No, ICE didn’t seize your domain; you’ve just been punked.

Mr. Hubbs is a great fan and supporter of other anti-vaccine second-tier figures such as Mary Tocco and Sherri Tenpenny, who we will cover in later posts.

Mr. Hubbs has several (perhaps as many as five) convictions for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).  This post has images of several of the convictions.

To summarize, I think we can safely say a person or organization is anti-vaccine if he or she exhibits at least three of the following points. Let's tot up Mr. Hubbs's score
  1. Claiming that all vaccines are unsafe and ineffective Yes
  2. Claiming better sanitation and nutrition account for the 20th century decline in vaccine-preventable diseases Yes
  3. Claiming that vaccines cause diseases and conditions such as autism, asthma, SIDS, or shaken baby syndrome Yes
  4. Claiming that anecdotal evidence is superior to scientific evidence; rejecting science and epidemiology Yes
  5. Cherry picking and misrepresenting the evidence Yes
  6. Using  logical fallacies without shame in arguing Yes
  7. Conspiracy mongering Yes
  8. Silencing criticism (especially by deleting onlin material), rather than responding to it Yes
  9. (If in business) Profiting from the sale of products and services that spread fear, uncertainty and doubt about vaccines, or products and services that are said to be superior to vaccines and conventional medicine in preventing disease No
Hubbs is a would be a trivial, if offensive, figure in the anti-vaccine movement if it weren't for how active he is in comments. His false allegations have to be countered, even if they aren't in shouting distance of reality.



  1. Mr. Hubbs also has a knack for reporting comments he doesn't like to Facebook, in an attempt to silence his critics. Another fail for Mr. Hubbs.

    1. You're lying. Nothing has ever been silenced, and I welcome directly debating anyone at all on these issues. What I find however unacceptable is the use of such blogs in the attempt at only misleading and false discreditation; and that all the while the actual reply poster has failed on every level to adequately debate me personally, and has in reality and truth failed repeatedly to make themselves look anything but uneducated and uninformed as to the real research and knowledge they should have had.

      This blog is just full of nothing but false information, and it does not at all reflect my true standing on much of anything at all. So that is how they do it; they just start lying and misrepresenting anything that they can.

  2. How desperate and mentally deranged does a no identity blogger have to be to create an attacking blog like this? Full of false statements and misinformation, this blogger is a real angry person, quite obviously. Either that or paid off to conduct what they have. The public can judge for themselves what the so called modern medicine and vaccine truth is. You accomplished little in attempting to derail that here; and also in regard to the other persons you have attacked. VacFacts

  3. And by the way, that picture of me, as stolen from the computer files at my buddies home office PC. On night we know that someone just walked in and stuck apparently a thumb drive in the PC set up I was using. They set up a division tactic where I went out the back door after a guy that came in and ran away, while another one came in and did the work. All while my buddy was distracted. That picture was never uploaded to anything, anywhere. You people are desperate and sick.

  4. His new website: http://vacfacts.info/

    Is down and showing the page that godaddy usually reserves for people who have canceled their account or haven't paid their bills.

    1. Really, its been up on the internet forever, and still is.

  5. I am a parent. I watched my child DETERIORATE as a toddler as she received more vaccines, including what appeared to be a seizure following one round. She later WAS diagnosed w/ a form of Autism. I have not read everything Mr. Hubbs shares, but I do know a bit about this topic. And I wholeheartedly believe excessive vaccines contributed to the decline I witnessed in my dear child. I also witnessed negative effects created by drugs for ADHD/Autism, which I did research extensively and corrected with naturopathic and similar medicines, which then were approved by an ND/GP. One does NOT need a degree in medicine to research & understand a medical subject. One does NOT need to be "perfect" in all aspects of life to research & understand a medical subject. All that is needed is a passion to research it. So STFU. Unless & until you witness the negative effects and/or research it OBJECTIVELY, you only have an opinion. I have first hand knowledge by watching these horrible Big Pharma POISONS rob my precious daughter of a fuller life!!!!!!!!! So FU!!!!!

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  7. The above picture was never posted anywhere, and was obviously hacked stolen from my computer files. What kind of a low life does that and then creates a personally attacking blog edited with no identity of their own. Sick people.

    This is my current website:

    Vaccines and Autoimmune Disorders (lots of applicable studies

    Vaccine Caused Allergies, Asthma, and More

    High Levels of Aluminum Found in Autistic Children's Brain Tissue


  8. So how do you explain this way, you paid off idiot dummy and with no existing identity, cowardly false hit piece blogger?

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