Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why This Blog?

This blog is frankly modeled on The Encyclopedia of American Loons (EAL), which chronicles all kinds of folks having ideas that are not grounded in reality.

Recently, many more people have become interested in the anti-vaccine movement, which is international in scope.  Sometimes it is difficult to know who is who, so several of us thought that we should share our background knowledge about the leading lights and lesser luminaries.

Finally, frankly, this effort really should be a wiki, and may become so in the course of time.


  1. Actually this no identity of the author blog is modeled after an increasingly persistent need for-for profit modern medicine and with their vaccine agenda, to deny the truth of the harm they have done. They have controlled all the information, until an age of internet information that they know will just not let up in exposing the truth. So, in their desperation they create nameless author blogs like this one which attack the truth tellers. They have everything to lose, and they clearly know how much that is, if all truth were known.

  2. The American Health Care System in Crisis
    The broken promises of the dominant healthcare system in America
    A terribly flawed healthcare system:
    The FDA v. the First Amendment: A bureaucracy's assault on your health.
    The real crisis in the American health care system

    The Real History of Modern Medicine

    A Factological History Of America's $10,000,000,000 Drug Cartel, Its Methods, Operations, Hidden Ownership, Profits And Terrific Impact On The Health Of The American People.

  3. Missing from this blog are the hundreds of MDs and PHDs who were trained to believe in vaccination but then, over the course of decades in clinical practice/research discovered that vaccines are a hoax that do not protect anything except for Pharma profits, and are causing harm on a magnitude barely conceivable to the casual observer, and consumer of mainstream media. They can rigorously show the fraud in PHarma-sponsored studies that are designed to hide the vaccine damage and declare "inconclusive" on the question of safety.